LOCATION: Singulair Green Tank Installed in Cherry Grove, Fire Island National Seashore

 Ronkonkoma Project2

Fire Island is home to some of the worlds most beautiful beaches and is only a short distance from New York City. There are no roads in the town of Cherry Grove and access is either by ferry or by driving along the beach. Once on the island, the homes are accessed by narrow wooden boardwalks making it difficult to bring in a precast concrete tank that can weigh over 10,000 pounds. Drainage fields are built with individual concrete blocks and wastewater retention time is minimal due to the sandy composition of the soil.

For this project the soil bore showed sand down to 8 feet and then water. The Singulair Green tank was chosen by the designer because it is rotationally molded without any seams and has built in hold down points to attach anti bouyancy measures. Polyethelene straps with stainless steel hardware and concrete deadmen were transported to the site by ferry and then the tank was moved on a pallet jack to its final destination.

Now the homeowners can enjoy their vacation home wihtout having to worry about their septic system polluting their beautiful environment.

Coffee House 4
Singulair Green 600 on pallet ready to ship

Singular Green 600 2

Tank in position prior to backfilling