LOCATION: Sayville, NY

 ENGINEER: Pacifico Engineering, Bohemia, NY

Ronkonkoma Project2(above photo shows the electical trench with air vent)

Sayville home 4(above photo shows after addition of top soil)

Coffee House 4(above photo shows construction of a decorative garden wall)

This home was situated in a priority 1 zone due to its proximity to the Great South Bay. The homeowners wanted to replace their outdated septic system with one that would not leach untreated wastewater into the Bay. The homeowners received a County as well as a State grant that payed for the entire installation. Because the old septic system was located underneath their front walkway the homeowners had to pay for the replacement of their front walkway and made aesthetic improvements to the front of their home at the same time. The septic tank covers will be hidden from view by an assortment of native plantings that will promote butterfly and bee visits to their front garden while allowing access to the system for maintenance.