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    Welcome To Roman Stone Systems, LLC

    Roman Stone Systems LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Roman Stone Construction Company
    formed to focus on innovative/alternative wastewater treatment systems (AKA nitrogen reducing wastewater systems).

    We are the exclusive distributor for Norweco, one of the largest wastewater equipment manufacturers in the world.
    We manufacture, install and service residential and commercial advanced wastewater treatment systems.
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    Advanced Wastewater Systems

    We manufacture our concrete tanks in Bay Shore, Long Island. We have been at this location since 1962.
    We employ over 50 people and provide good paying manufacturing jobs that pay full benefits.
    We live and work on Long Island just like you do.
    We know you home is your biggest investment and you wastewater system is one of the most expensive systems in your home.
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    Homeowners - We Are Here to Help You

    Do not be afraid to pick up the phone and call us or send us an email.
    We are glad to help you through the process whether it is for choosing a system, seeking grant funding or
    getting help servicing your equipment Roman Stone is here to help you through the process.

Advantages of the Norweco Singulair TNT and the Norweco Hydro-Kinetic FEU systems:

• Three Inlet openings: for design versatility.

• Gravity fed: The systems operate by gravity. Even if you lose power your system will still perform its function of removing waste from your home.

• Small footprint: The Singulair has one of the smallest footprints in the industry. We offer a single tank, yet it still has more capacity than what is required by the health department. Capacity is key when dealing with wastewater systems. Smaller is not necessarily better and the Singulair TNT offers the best treatment to size ratio on the market.

• Concrete construction: Roman Stone's concrete tanks are built to last with a service life of 100 years. Our tanks can hold soil loads, high groundwater loads and will provide you with the peace of mind that only solid concrete performance can give. No flimsy plastic tanks for us. Your tank is manufactured right here on Long Island in a state approved precast facility under the strictest quality control measures. Each tank is assembled and then vacuum tested for water tightness prior to shipping. Our standard tanks have been tested to be able to handle wheel loads and will never collapse while being pumped or from high ground water.

• Only one moving part: The Singulair TNT has only one moving part; the aerator which comes with a lifetime exchange warranty. Less moving parts plus a lifetime exchange warranty equals less worry, less hassle and greater enjoyment of your home.

• Low electrical consumption: The only moving part has a 1/6 horsepower motor that runs 60 minutes on and 60 minutes off. It's roughly equivalent to running an incandescent light bulb nonstop in your home.

• Large Installed base: There are hundreds of thousands of Singulair TNT's installed throughout the United States. This technology is not experimental or new, it is only new to Long Island. Norweco is one of the largest wastewater equipment companies in the world and they manufacture their products here in the USA (Ohio).

• Locally Manufactured: Roman Stone has been in Suffolk County since 1962. Buy Local!

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Title Benefits of Concrete Tanks

Concrete is the most widely used building material in the world, thanks in large part to its inherent strength, durability, availability and adaptability.

Concrete continues to gain strength over time even after reaching its design strength. Because of their design, precast concrete onsite wastewater tanks can be made to withstand traffic loads with ease and can be pumped empty after backfilling without risking damage to the tank. Precast tanks are engineered with the strength to meet any challenge.

Whether mid-seam, top-seam or anywhere in between, precast concrete onsite wastewater tanks provide reliable watertight solutions. Precast tanks are tested and verified to be watertight. This ensures the tank’s performance is not compromised by infiltration, and that soil and groundwater are protected. Joint sealants and resilient pipe connectors complying with applicable ASTM standards are designed specifically for this application and will contribute to a watertight structure.

Resistant to buoyancy
Precast tanks provide peace of mind as they resist buoyant forces with ease, even in the highest water tables.

Precast tanks are engineered structures made with quality raw materials in precise proportions, in controlled manufacturing facilities. This combination of quality control and quality assurance enables precast concrete tanks to stand up to the most demanding conditions.

The size, shape, configuration and penetrations of a precast concrete onsite wastewater tank is up to you. Whether you need a stock tank or a completely unique solution, precast concrete tanks can fit your exact needs.

Easy to install
Precast tanks are easy to install regardless of soil type, water table height or other site conditions. Concrete’s inherent strength also allows precast tanks to be installed at greater depths.

Always advancing
The concrete industry has stood the test of time. It’s been thriving for millennia and it’s always advancing. New technologies are pervasive throughout the industry — from materials to equipment to designs — to adapt and meet your needs.

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